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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New home???

So, today was a great day that Kurt and I got to spend together...We decided to spend the day looking at homes. We looked at some older homes and then strolled in to some new developments. Its kind of teasing listening to all of the different incentives the government and the different builders are offering just for you to buy it! I am excited, we are in the process to get pre qualifed to see what we can really afford and what we really need to be looking for!

Work is going good for the both of us, I find out tomorrow if I get to come home for work and stay home. It will be great! I also started new hours, 2-8 so i get to sleep in and spend the mornings with Kurt. He has been working, but been on hault for the time being cause of the weather, which is fine because all in all he still has a job!

Last but not is my brother's BIRTHDAY!! Happy birthday dan! Your officially OLD! :o)



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