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New Curtains Before and After

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The Hatch Life: New Curtains Before and After

The Hatch Life

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Curtains Before and After

Hello Everyone,

Despite the fact that we have had a lot going on around here, we managed to make and hang new curtains in our bedroom. Our other curtains were purchased from Ikea about 6 months ago, and although they did cover the window, they didn't do a good job of not letting the light in and keeping the room dark. Also, sorry for the poor quality pictures, I am not sure why there are spots on some of the pictures, I need to clean the lens!

See how see through they are!
Very Cheap
 So, the next step, after taking them all off was to measure the window, during this time we break a tape measure.

After we got our measurements, we headed down to the dungeon, or what some might call our unfinished basement.  We had to take measurements of the new curtains, cut, and then use the heated iron tape to "hem" it. I do not know how to sew, YET. I am asking for a sewing machine for Christmas!

Don't mind my "look I just got out of bed" face! 

Bronco was sitting good!
 Once we were done ironing, we brought them back upstairs to hang, here is the finished product!

No light shining through!

All in all, it was a cheap project, but well worth it. With daylight savings, the sun is coming up earlier, so this will be nice to keep our room much darker! Have you had any fun projects lately? 





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