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Christmas Partaaayyyy!

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The Hatch Life: Christmas Partaaayyyy!

The Hatch Life

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Partaaayyyy!

Hi Everyone,

Once again, forgive me for my lack of posts lately. With Christmas right around the corner, it is hectic in the Hatch life! Last Saturday we hosted our 2nd annual Christmas party here, the theme ugly sweater! It was a lot of fun! We served appetizers, stuffed mushrooms, chips and dips, drinks, and I took a lot of pictures of the festivities.

As I stated in my Confession I have a serious love for Tim Tebow. If you don't know about him, he is the Quarterback for our favorite team the Broncos. He is a devote Christian and isn't afraid to show it. One day, after the game against our rival's, and winning, he got down on one knee and prayed. This is now known across the nation as Tebowing. Sorry for the ramble, it will make sense in the pictures below:

Kurts lil Sister Megan and her boyfriend Chase

Our best friend, yes I allowed him to climb up there

The lovely ladies

Bronco was a party animal

And my absolute favorite picture of the night, what I leave you with: Party Tebowing!





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