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The Hatch Life: Building A Desk

The Hatch Life

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Building A Desk

Hi Everyone, 

Kurt started building my desk. My vision was a large wall-to-wall desk that I could not only have my craft supplies but be organized for work too. He started building a 'box' with 2x4's. It started like this: 

Once the frame of the desk was complete, he added the top.

You will notice in the bottom 3 pictures, there is a 'face'. He used a separate piece for this, to hide the box up, and make it look pretty. Once the top was on, it was time for paint. Here is a sneak peak at the wall color too. He primed the board first, then sanded. Then painted the same color as the woodwork It is 'Aspen White'.

After the paint drys, we will work on installing the flooring and my favorite part, DECORATING! :)




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