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The Hatch Life: Happy New Year!

The Hatch Life

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Today marks the end of 2010. A year for us that is one we will never forget.

We started 2010 with a fresh start from all of our baggage of years prior. We wanted our marriage to work, we wanted to see it succeed and move on from it. And we have moved FAR away from all of it :)

This year, we celebrated 4 years of marriage, 7 years of being together, and 1 year in our beautiful home. We have cleaned, organized, and budgeted to keep our life as stress free as possible. We have cried over giving our dog up for adoption, laughed over silly things, frowned at the loss of jobs, smiled at how wonderful we have it. We have made small and large purchases like a new car, new 4 wheeler, and PLENTY of home decorations. Kurt has a new amazing job and I got promoted to supervisor.

2011 brings a year of new goals and ideas. We chose not to make resolutions, but rather life changes.

We want to be 100% debt free, minus our house. We want to travel to places we have not been. Hopefully New York in November, Mexico in January, Canada in the spring, and plenty of places in between. We want to save a specific amount of money before the year is over, which of course gives us less stress as well.

Most importantly we want to meet new people, experience new adventures, and live our life to the fullest.

Here is to an amazing 2010 and a better 2011! :)

God Bless
Kurt and Erica



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