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Thursday, October 27, 2011

No more Naked Wall

Hey Guys,

So since the start of our Adoption journey I knew it would be a LONG process. Therefore I decided I needed to stay busy so I was not constantly thinking about the time going by. I have had a blank wall, right when you walk into our house for some time now. I knew I wanted a photo gallery on there, but the process scared me, terribly! It's hard to hang a lot of pictures on a wall, in hopes they look good ;)

Anyways, when Kurt went out of town a couple of weekends ago, I started the process. Yes, here I am all by myself hammering away at the wall. Thank God I married a painter to fix them if I messed up. But I didn't! I was actually pretty proud of myself. Mind you, this wall is FAR from done. It is just a rough draft for now. I am still waiting for some pictures from Kurt's family to put up there too. But here is an update with pictures:

Yes, I know they 'look crooked' still working on that

Closer Up! The pic with the turquoise mat will be changed to white soon!

I know it is not perfect, trust me I know! But, it is getting there. And it adds SO much character already to our plain wall. I love seeing it when I walk in the front door. Hopefully I will have it finished soon so I can show you the FINISHED project :)

Thanks for looking! P.S I updated the "Our House" Tab too to include our bedroom! :)


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Blogger Carli723 said...

I love it! So excited to watch it grow! :)

October 27, 2011 at 10:14 PM  

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