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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Tomatoes!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! So I have a funny story to tell. Kurt and I love love love a local place here called sweet tomatoes. I think some states call it soup plantation? I  could be wrong though. Anyways, Kurt is a clam chowder freak, he absolutely LOVES it. And he swears that Sweet Tomatoes has the BEST CLAM CHOWDER ever!

Last weekend, he was with my brother shopping for camping supplies and he was telling my brother about Sweet Tomato's clam chowder. My brother just kind of laughed it off, but Kurt just keep going on and on about it.

Meanwhile, a nice gentleman overheard the conversation and interupted explainin that he was the district manager for Sweet Tomatoes and appreciates Kurt advertising like that for him. He asked for Kurt's e-mail to send some free meals... SCORE!

Later that week, on Friday, Kurt had left to run some errands. The doorbell rang, which rarely happens during the day, and I answered to find a sweet girl in her Sweet Tomatoes uniform carrying a styrofoam cooler and a card to deliver to Kurt... guess what we received? 6 FREE meals to Sweet Tomatoes and close to a 2 POUND bag of clam chowder for Kurt to eat at home!

Not only was that AWESOME, but it made us realize what a great company Sweet Tomatoes is, for a district manager to go out of his way and actually e-mail Kurt, then to HAND deliver them to our house. WOW, I am really speechless by the generosity this company has showed. Regardless of all of this, it is still one of our top dinner spots! :)

P.S... guess whats for dinner ;)





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