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The Hatch Life: Kitchen Pantry Organization Reveal {Project Organization}

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Pantry Organization Reveal {Project Organization}

Hi Everyone,

It's the middle of the week, wahoo! Our focus this week is getting our pantry organized, it was pretty chaotic, let me refresh your memory:

We took everything out of the pantry so we could start fresh, everything. This is what my kitchen looked like:

We got rid of a lot of things, put them aside for our yard sale. We also threw away expired food, cleaned the shelves. I made sure everything has a place, so there is no confusion. This is our final results:

I am in LOVE! It is so much organized, WAY more space, and everything has a place. Nothing is on the floor (WOW). We just feel like we have a brand new pantry!

What do you think?

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