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The Hatch Life: Pantry Organization Part 1 {Project Organization}

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pantry Organization Part 1 {Project Organization}

Hi Everyone,

So sorry I have been missing lately. I have come down with a horrible cold and finally am starting to feel a bit better. Thanks to a lot of vitamins and lots of rest.

This week our focus is our pantry. Our pantry is the least organized part of our house. I hate it. We literally use it as a place to put anything that doesn't have a home. Do you not believe me? Take a look:

See, I told you I was not lying. It is CRAZZZYYYY in there! My goal for this pantry is lots of labels and for everything to have a place. No more guessing games.

My first step was to start labeling, so that's what I did. We purchased these jars at Target and they were about $5 a jar. I made some labels using my Cricut machine:

So far, I am in love! Tonight, we will be emptying the entire pantry so we have a clean start to go with. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a linky party! So get working on yours!



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