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The Hatch Life: January 2012

The Hatch Life

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Thursday, January 26, 2012



Quick Post update. One of my New Years Resolutions is to really push my Scentsy business. I love Scentsy with a passion and believe in it's products with all of my heart. I love that I can leave my house and leave my burner going non-stop without the stress of my house burning down.

Anyways! I am giving EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE free samples of the brand new February scent called Pixie. It is perfect for spring and Valentines day! I want YOU to have one. I will ship you one, no strings attached :)

Just send me an e-mail to with your address and they will go out tomorrow! Unfortunately, at this time only in the United States, but to Canada soon! :)



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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time of year... AGAIN! :)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a GREAT weekend and fantastic Monday! We have been getting over sickness after sickness in our house. But this past weekend, we were blessed with two adorable little boys running around our house. My sweet nephews :) It was a lot of fun and we played a lot! I sure love those kids with my life!

So, back to the title of this post. We are going to be hosting another Adoption Yardsale in March/April. Our hope is to do it on a day with nice weather, versus rain! Our goal is to raise over $2500! We have had quite a bit of donations, but we need LOTS more to come up with that goal. If you are local (Utah) and have anything you plan on getting rid of, please shoot me over an e-mail and we will gladly come and take it off your hands.

If you are not in Utah and would LOVE to help... we need business, large or small, to help with our first ever silent auction that will have on the same day :) We need donations made for the silent auction. If you know of any businesses that might be interested, that we can contact, please let us know!

Sorry this post is short and to the point, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!



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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Pantry Organization Reveal {Project Organization}

Hi Everyone,

It's the middle of the week, wahoo! Our focus this week is getting our pantry organized, it was pretty chaotic, let me refresh your memory:

We took everything out of the pantry so we could start fresh, everything. This is what my kitchen looked like:

We got rid of a lot of things, put them aside for our yard sale. We also threw away expired food, cleaned the shelves. I made sure everything has a place, so there is no confusion. This is our final results:

I am in LOVE! It is so much organized, WAY more space, and everything has a place. Nothing is on the floor (WOW). We just feel like we have a brand new pantry!

What do you think?

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Denver Broncs-Playoff Game

 Hi Everyone,

So on the weekend of the 8th, we had an opportunity to go to the first Playoff game for the Denver Broncos. WE found the flight and hotel for almost nothing and we just couldn't pass it up! It was amazing, for those of you who do not watch football, it was one of the most watched games in NFL history :) The stadium was as loud as 4 fighter jets! It was CRAZY! We went with my brother and his cute pregnant wife, my sister is a steelers fan so she met with us up there too! Here are some pictures!

Rascal Flatts did the anthem!


Pantry Organization Part 1 {Project Organization}

Hi Everyone,

So sorry I have been missing lately. I have come down with a horrible cold and finally am starting to feel a bit better. Thanks to a lot of vitamins and lots of rest.

This week our focus is our pantry. Our pantry is the least organized part of our house. I hate it. We literally use it as a place to put anything that doesn't have a home. Do you not believe me? Take a look:

See, I told you I was not lying. It is CRAZZZYYYY in there! My goal for this pantry is lots of labels and for everything to have a place. No more guessing games.

My first step was to start labeling, so that's what I did. We purchased these jars at Target and they were about $5 a jar. I made some labels using my Cricut machine:

So far, I am in love! Tonight, we will be emptying the entire pantry so we have a clean start to go with. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a linky party! So get working on yours!



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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Under the Sink Organization {Project Organization}

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being MIA the past few days, we took a very spur of the moment trip to Denver to watch the playoff game! More on that in another post.

{Project Organization} has been in full swing in our household. This month, our focus is the kitchen. We started with Coupon Organization and it went great. We now have a full functional system to save us money. We use it every single time we go to the grocery store and we love seeing the money saved.

Next on our list was an easy, but much needed project, under the kitchen sink! That cabinet has never really been clean, we just kind of throw cleaning stuff under there. Here are some before pictures. Pretty hectic under there!

We took everything out and wiped it down. We threw away empty bottles (why do those ALWAYS appear?) and put everything back in a nice organized matter. All in all it took us about 10 minutes, what do you think?

MUCH MUCH Better. We use that blue caddy on the left to take with us to clean, so if we clean the bathroom we have everything in one central location. We love it!

Have you done any kitchen organization? If so, be sure to grab my button to put on your blog! :) I love seeing your projects!

Hatch Life

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Stock Pile

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I did not write a post yesterday, we are going out of town this weekend so I have a lot I need to do! A few people asked about our stock pile and wanted to see some pictures. So I decided I would show it to the world.

In December, we made a deal to not go grocery shopping and eat what we had, including some of our stock pile of items that were due to go bad soon. So our stock pile does look bare at this point, but we are working on it!

Also, please don't mind the poor quality pictures, our stock pile is in our basement, which means not a lot of natural light!

Almost everything in these pictures we purchased with coupons in conjunction with sales, so they are practically free. Once again, it is extremely bare right now, as it fills up more I will continue to keep ya'll updated!

Do you have a stockpile?


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Monday, January 2, 2012

Coupon Organization {Project Organization} Link Party!

Hi Everyone!

So, with the start of 2012 in full swing, one of our new years resolutions is {Project Organization} The Kitchen is our first target of attack. Although some might not consider it the kitchen, I sure do! It is my coupon organization! I love to coupon and have been doing it for about 6 months now. I have saved us a lot of money and seen our food storage grow. There are a lot of things I don't spend money on now, like toothpaste, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Over December, I slacked, I didn't coupon and I let my papers pile up. I decided it was time to get organized.

I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a binder

And Some Baseball Card Holders

It took me two full days to go through over 100 different coupons. But I am done and it feels great. I used some tab dividers we had on hand and made a few different categories:

Baking Goods
Boxed Items
Canned Items
Personal Care

This is what the final produce looks like

I love how it turned out and I know I will be using my coupons ALOT more! I would also love it if you would join the {Project Organization} Series with me!

You can simply add this to your blog to say you participated:

Hatch Life
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And then LINK UP your {Project Organization} Coupon Organization Projects. Please only add coupon organization!