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The Hatch Life: February 2012

The Hatch Life

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Quick Update

Hi Everyone!

On Tuesday, this week, I had several of my Facebook friends contact me and let me know a local pastor had posted about two babies up for adoption through a lawyers office. One was a baby girl born last week and one is a baby boy that will be due in about 6 weeks. He had put the lawyers number and said to contact ASAP. Well, I did! But, I didn't hear back from her until yesterday (the waiting was hard)

She told me they had several contacts about the situations. The birthmother that was having a baby boy in about 6 weeks was going to start picking a birthmother on Friday. She said for free we could bring our profile in for her to look at and possibly choose us. She also said they only had about 4 profiles currently.

The benefits of going through a lawyer is it is literally 1/8th of the cost. It is also a Christian lawyer, which makes me feel better. The downfalls of going through a lawyer is they are far and few between. If this birth mother does not choose us, we will continue to keep our profile at the lawyers office for future situations, although that would be pretty rare.

We are just asking that everyone say a prayer for us and the birth mother. Although we are trying not to get our hopes up, it is hard not to. But with getting your hopes up comes disappointment and that is something we don't want. We hope the birth mother finds peace in finding a family and that God tells her exactly who to pick. According to the lawyer we should know for sure some time next week.

How is everyone's week treating them?



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Monday, February 20, 2012

Make Ahead Freezer Meals


It's been a bit chaotic in our house lately. Kurt's cousin, Shaun, moved in a couple weeks ago. He is staying in our guest bedroom. It is nice to have company and he really is a great help around the house. It is only a temporary thing, but we don't mind :)

Over this past weekend, on Saturday, we went to an adoption orientation at the agency we are going through. A lot of the information we already knew about, but we did get to speak to some actual birth mothers and that was really cool. We also found out that there is a chance I get to be in the room for the birth and Kurt might also be able to cut the cord, wowza!

On Sunday, we went to some of our best friend's house and my girlfriend Carli, she runs the sweet blog calls "A sibling for Silly Lily" decided we wanted to make some delicious foods to freeze, to throw in the crock pot for those super busy days! We had 9 meals to cook, one for each of us, so a total of 16 meals. Although, we stopped at 14 because it was getting late fast. Not only did we cook delicious meals, we also made some staples: Dry Onion Soup Mix, Italian Dressing Mix, etc.

We had so much and decided we will be doing this monthly. We literally made 14 meals and all of those staples in 3 hours. Can't beat it!

The meals we cooked are as follows:

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken
Flank Steak Fajitas
Slow-Cooker Chicken and Dumplings
Taco Soup
Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken
Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli Soup
Cream Cheese Chicken

I will, if wanted, post the recipes in a later post. Here are some great pictures :)

 That was our masterpiece! :)

What did YOU do this weekend?




Monday, February 6, 2012

Can I ask you the BIGGEST favor?

Hi Everyone,

We entered a contest for a free photo shoot (we are REALLY due for one). Since we can't really spend the money right now, we are saving like crazy for Baby Z :)

Anyways, I need YOUR help! A simple comment gets us a vote to win, the one with the most comments wins! I am about 30 comments behind, already ;) EEK!

Go here and comment on the photo!

Thanks everyone!




Friday, February 3, 2012

Diaper Trike- How to

Hi Everyone!

Its FRRRIIIDDDAAAY! WOO HOO! It is also the day before our 6 year anniversary :) 6 years of ups and downs, trials and errors, cry's and laughter. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Anyhoo, my brother and sister in law are having a little baby boy in March. I am throwing the shower next weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled for them! My brother loves his motorcycles and I wanted to make them something unique! So I decided upon a Diaper Trike! :) It was SUPER easy and turned out SUPER cute. Here is a tutorial:

You will need:
About 50 diapers 
Thick Ribbon
Thin Ribbon
Stuffed Animal
A Pair of newborn socks
2 Receiving blankets
2 bibs

I used just a pan and wrapped the diapers to form a circle. Stuff them tight and make sure they are all lined up.
Once complete, wrap with a rubberband. You will make 3 of these :)

You will then take a thick ribbon and cover up that ugly band. I used hot glue to attach them together. Once that is complete take your receiving blanket and roll it up TIGHT. The tighter the better. You will put it through ALL 3 of the center of wheels. Attach the ends of the blanket with a ruberband or ribbon. And form it into this formation :)

Take two bibs and put one as a 'seat' and one as a 'front end' Take your other Receiving blanket and roll it up TIGHT again. I used a ruberband for the ends and the center of it to ensure it is tight. The tigheter it is the easier it will be for the handle bars. Take it and slide through the front tire, make sure it is even.

Use another ruberband to secure the two ends of the receiving blanket and cover it up with ribbon. I used socks to cover the handle bars and small ribbon to attach the monkey's hands to the handle bars! The bottle sticks out the front to act as the 'headlight'

What do you think? I think my brother will LOVE it!

Have you ever given a unique baby shower gift?


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